Curse - Humiliating Erections

As a man you've probably had an erection when you really didn't want to have one.  Now imagine that it starts happening uncontrollably at the worst possible times.  Family dinners, meetings at work, the more humiliating it might be the more likely it is to happen.  This hypnosis file makes it so your own subconscious doesn't care, it will find every opportunity to make you hard at the worst possible time and the only way to stop it is to get me to remove the curse.

You can purchase the file here: Curse - Humiliating Erections

Curse - Dream Rapes

This hypnotic curse file isn't for the faint of heart.  Imagine that every time you go to sleep you find yourself dreaming of being raped, used and abused by others.  Men, women, groups, demons everything your mind can imagine as viscous and brutal as possible, there is no limit to the depths of perversion that your rapists will take you to and it will happen every time you sleep.  The only way out is to have the curse removed.

The file can be purchased here: Curse - Dream Rapes

Your Tortured Balls

This Hypnosis file is not for the faint of heart, it leaves you wanting to have your balls tortured, slowly twisting all of your desires so that you crave it, fantasize about it, find that you love porn that involves ball torture gets you off, and then want the same sort of pain for yourself.  This file twists your desires around and punishes your testicles horribly in the process making it so that's the way you get off.

You can purchase the file here:  Your Tortured Balls

Deny Orgasm - Remastered

This is a complete remaster of my original deny orgasm file, the trigger is the same "Orgasm Denial Time" after which you will be completely unable to orgasm until you hear "Orgasm Denial Time Over"   If you trigger this with a period of time in mind it will prevent you from saying Orgasm Denial Time Over until that period of time has passed.  The maximum duration for this trigger is one week.

You can download the file here: Deny Orgasm - Remastered

Train Sex Men - Remastered

This hypnosis file is a complete reimagining of my original Train sex men file.  The file is intended to make the listener crave sex with men no matter what their current sexual preference is.  This file is not gender specific.

You can download the file here: Train Sex Men - Remastered