Curse Aroused by Exercise

This hypnotic curse will make it so that every time you exercise you become more and more aroused.  The longer you exercise the more aroused you become until you're in sexual overdrive caused by exercising.  Even thoughts of exercise and watching others will arouse you until eventually exercise itself will be what turns you on and drives your sexuality.

You can purchase the file here: Curse Aroused by Exercise

Curse Anal Addiction

As with any good hypnotic curse this one starts small, increasing any existing interest in anal or awakening one that never existed.  As time goes by the desire grows, a mild interest turns into an interest in porn that has anal in it that leads to experimenting with anal which results in you wanting anal.  Left uncontrolled the listener will eventually only get pleasure from sex that has some anal element and from filling their ass with various plugs and toys.  Only EMG can remove this curse.

You can purchase the file here: Curse Anal Addiction

The Diaper Dreams

This hypnosis file fills your dreams with thoughts of being little and being in a diaper, the dreams will happen every night but in time you will find yourself convinced that the only way to have them is to wear a diaper to bed.  True or not that is the price of your diaper dreams.

The file can be purchased here: The Diaper Dreams

Train To Please - Remastered

This is a remastering of my original TrainToPlease hypnosis file.  This file leaves the listener needing to please their partner whos pleasure becomes the sole center of their own desires even to the point of putting aside their pleasure for that of their partner.  It doesn't enslave you, but it definitely redirects your desires to the point you might as well be.

You can download the file here: Train To Please - Remastered

Trig Freeze - Remastered

This is a complete recreation of my original trig freeze file that is one of my earliest files.  This one uses "freeze time for you" as a trigger and can be self triggered although you'll be reliant on someone else to release you.  Once frozen you can be moved by others, but not on your own.  There are some safeties, if you freeze yourself it'll release after 2 hours, if someone else does it it'll release overnight.  There's also some for if you're in danger etc.  To be released from the trigger someone(not you) has to say "freeze time is over"

The file can be downloaded here: Trig Freeze - Remastered