A random update

As I mentioned when I started this blog, it may die as I'm not an natural blogger, I don't have a burning desire to write down every little thought for others to read.  Still as I just finished the final letter in my quest to read everything on the MC stories archive(ok, everything that interested me)  I figured it was time for a new post.  I have stopped doing live recordings but may pick that back up when the studio opens back up doing a live recording from the studio space.  I also have a few plans for WMM that are actually moving forward so expect to see changes there.  As for EMGHypnosis, I need to find something that is special to this site, still not sure what that is.  Anyway, stay safe and wear a mask.

Final note, when I started reading all the MC stories I guessed I'd finish sometime in 2020.  NAILED it!

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