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Curse Aroused by Exercise

This hypnotic curse will make it so that every time you exercise you become more and more aroused.  The longer you exercise the more aroused you become until you're in sexual overdrive caused by exercising.  Even thoughts of exercise and watching others will arouse you until eventually exercise itself will be what turns you on and drives your sexuality.


Workout Time Curse

Day 29 of EMG's 2020 Quarantine File a Day project. After listening to this hypnosis session you will set a daily alarm.  When it goes off you will feel a compulsion to exercise, the longer you delay it or put it off the more you will need it until you simply HAVE to exercise at that time.  While you CAN change the time of the alarm you won't be able to delete it so after this you will be cursed to get a workout in each and every day.

Future files will be done on the WMM Discord and the calendar of events can be found here: Session


Obey Your Trainer

Day 20 of EMG's 2020 Quarantine File a Day project.  This workout hypnosis file will apply to any type of guided workout be it a online video, personal trainer, or life coach.  When you hear them giving you instructions you will find yourself compelled to carry them out.  The more hands-on the trainer is the deeper your obedience do them even if they make non-workout requests.

Future files will be done on the WMM Discord and the calendar of events can be found here: Session


Muscle Bear

This hypnosis file pushes you to become a true bear, it makes your body hair grow thick and dark while pushing you to exercise and become physically as strong as possible.  A true Man's Man with hair everywhere and muscles to boot.

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Body Building Machine

This file took third in the June 2008 Scripting challenge. This file will make you into a Body Building Machine that lives to be as freakishly huge as possible. The file increases your sex drive to an almost manic level and while masturbation and sex help, eventually the best outlet is working out and perfecting your body. Soon you are completely obsessed with working out as sex and bodybuilding become inextricably connected.

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Jock Trainer

This hypnosis file is intended to make you a better jock by giving your trainer absolute authority over you.  Once you have chosen someone as a trainer you will tell them 2 triggers  "I am your Trainer"  and "Your Training is over"  The moment they use the first trigger they are in charge of your body.  They can tell you what exercises to do, what to eat, when to sleep and may even command your body telling your cock "get hard" or "go soft"  they may even choose to command you to orgasm or not to.  You may be alpha to everyone else, but when you're training, your trainer is in charge.


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Gay Jock Cock Obsession

This file will create an obsession with other men's cocks, specifically those that are more muscular than you. In time it will force you to the gym where every time you stare at another man's cock it will push you to exercise harder and harder until you're the biggest man at the gym. Then your obsession will be about all the men that stare at you.

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Alpha Frat Boy

This file will turn you into an Alpha Frat Boy Jock with only a touch of a geeky side showing through(you like comics) but the rest of you loves pounding brews, working out and being in charge!
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Curse - Gay Gym

This file curses you to go the the gym for 6 months, of course every time you do it makes you more and more deeply into the men you see there until the gym totally changes how you see men.
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Curse Gay Bodybuilder

This file twists you around so that the more you work out, the more you crave men\\\'s cocks and the more you crave men\\\'s cocks the more you work out. There is no escape from this curse but to have it removed.


This is a rework of TrainTotalJock3 that removes the elements that dumb you down and instead encourages intelligence. It also works a bit on weight gain issues.


This file causes the listener to become a total jock. It will make them interested in sports, exercise, and sex and they will look and behave at all times like a dumb jock and enjoy being treated as such. More complex interests will be dropped in favor jock activities as this will be what interests them most.


The third TotalJock file, makes you a total Bodybuilder jock. It Limits clothing to those that can show off your perfect body. Obsessed with your diet and exercise and sports. You will be a muscled sex machine that is ready to play sports work out or fuck all the time.


This file is to be used in sequence immediately following TrainTotalJock. It will contain further clothing restrictions, and continue to stress that exercise, sports, sex and drinking are the only things that the listener is interested in. Listener will be instructed to exhibit excessive macho behavior(Machismo), as well as carry himself with an arrogant swagger. File will also stress that all of the listener's non-sport interests completely disappear. Over time, IQ will decrease, vocabulary will fade, rendering the listener into a total "Frat-boy-esque" jock.


This file causes the listener to become a gay muscle bound Jock that is obsessed with sex, exercise, sports of all kinds. However, this would only happen when the person wears any sports sports clothes or sport equipment and would basically transform the listeners personality and body to fit the above. The listener would become obsessed with the jock body making them want to wear sports stuff more than they normally would. The more the listener uses the file the more of a gay jock like they will become when they wear sports clothes or gear. The more listener uses sports clothes and gear to change into a gay jock the more drastic the changes will be the next time they put on a sports clothes or gear. And eventually the listener will want to stay in their gay jock form when ever possible.
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