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Curse Master Cocksucker

This hypnosis file creates an interest in sucking cock that slowly evolves into an obsession.  It may start with an interest in stories or videos but it will evolve into a desire to suck cock, to master the skill of cocksucking to the point that anyone you suck will be blown away by your skills.  The file does not take your gender or sexual preferences into account, it simply curses you to become a Master Cocksucker no matter what your sexual preference is.


Oral Climax

this file would make your throat and lips sexualy senisitive. The sensation of something there, filling them, stretching them would be the same sensation you would feel getting fucked. Sometimes you will climax from it, sometimes you won\\\'t. Beware, dinner may NEVER be the same.

Curse Chocolate Cum

ave you ever heard the saying \"If god was a women, cum would taste like chocolate.\" Well maybe it can with a file that makes cum taste like chocolate to the listener. It can use the listeners favourite chocolate to be the new taste of cum. In fact this cum is better than your favorite. Pretty soon you\'ll LOVE your chocolate cum more than any other chocolate.


This file will make the listener love the taste of cum. It is sexual preference specific, but will make you love the taste, texture, and swallowing of cum until it becomes a part of any sexual encounter.

Train Cock Suck Orgasm

The act of sucking cock becomes so pleasurable that when the cock cums in your mouth, you orgasm.


Helps the listener become good at Deep Throat and even creates a strong feeling of pleasure associated with it.


The listener will crave the taste of cum, and will become more and more submissive and obedient towards anyone whose cum they taste until they are completely enslaved


This curse file makes you totally addicted to mens crotches. You stare at them when you walk down the street and when you talk to them. You will let them know by your behavior and actions that you are a greedy cocksucker that wants their cum.

Trig Blowjob

This file trains you to experience the best blowjob you've ever had, whenever the words "Blowjob Time" are spoken. May be self triggered or by anyone else who knows the trigger. Will start with a womans lips (or male if that is your preference) slowly teasing your cock, then to licking, then with it in her mouth, then to sucking & bobbing motions. You will have a large throbbing erection & you will cum explosively at that end. Once triggered, you will be unable to stop it until it is done or someone says, "revert to normal", however long that takes.
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