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Curse Anal Addiction

As with any good hypnotic curse this one starts small, increasing any existing interest in anal or awakening one that never existed.  As time goes by the desire grows, a mild interest turns into an interest in porn that has anal in it that leads to experimenting with anal which results in you wanting anal.  Left uncontrolled the listener will eventually only get pleasure from sex that has some anal element and from filling their ass with various plugs and toys.  Only EMG can remove this curse.


Enema Action

When triggered with \'it\'s enema time\', you will feel and experience a enema nozzle inserted and slowly its blocking balloon will expand and lock it into place. Then an unstoppable slow stream of warm water will enter you. When full you can move about \'normally\' but you will feel the water gurgle and swirl. When you \'revert to normal\" you will feel the enema nozzle vacuum the water and finally the nozzle balloon deflate.

Reminder Plug

This curse file will take effect when you sit in the presence of other people. You will gradually start squirming, then realize you have a small buttplug in you. The buttplug will take up more and more of your attention as it seems to grow and pulse. In order to attenuate the effect and regain your poise, you realize you have to sit with your legs crossed like a woman, or slowly move your hips in a sexy way. Also, when you stand up, it's like the plug is attached to the chair, so it may make you cry out if you stand too quickly. The sensations are likely to give you an erection. Sitting on a toilet will not trigger this file.
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IS - MastersPleasure

From the Iron Shackle Series - This double length file can only be listened to weekly, Afterwards the slave is fucked, painfully if it's been bad, pleasurably if it's been good. Purchase does not give access to Iron Shackle Series and cannot be applied to purchase the series later.

Virtual Plug

After listening to this file, you will feel like you have a butt plug in your anus for the rest of the day. you will also feel it course and swell keeping you arroused all day. the feeling goes away when you go to sleep that night.


This file will make you enjoy anal sex more and more until you orgasm from it. It will also help make it a little easier if you have problems with it.

Curse Punishment Plug

This curse will cause your ass to be filled with a plug that grows daily and every time you listen until you have sex with your spouse/SO at which time it will revert to merely uncomfortable.

Curse Anal Slut

This file curses you with a need to have your ass filled. You will crave a plug and discover that you can only have regular sex if your ass is filled or if you just had anal sex.
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