7 plus or minus 2 - Remastered

This hypnotic induction works on the principle that you can only keep 7 things in your mind(plus or minus 2). It's a good induction for analytical people and is a reimagining of the original one I did in 2009.  It's a nice overload induction and has some nice general wellness suggestions after I get you into trance.

The original file can be found here: 7 plus or minus 2


Confusion Induction - Remastered

Part of EMG's project to redo all of his older files to clean up the audio and use his years of experience to simply make them better.  This is a classic confusion induction which has the hypnotist speaking to both your conscious and subconscious minds at once.  once I get you down I do some basic feel good meditation and wake you back up. 

This file was recorded live on BDSM HypnoBasement where I intend to do more of the remastering sessions. 

The original can be found here: ConfusionInduction


Incredibly Deep

Day 30 of EMG's 2020 Quarantine File a Day project. In this Hypnosis session EMG is going to spend a LOT of time taking you down.  Instead of his usual induction he will keep working to take you deeper and deeper until there really is nothing but his voice guiding you at this point he will set a trigger so that every hypnosis file that you listen to takes you a little deeper and is a little more successfull in the future.  This probably should have been session #1 but oh well :)  Consider it a primer for next month.

Future files will be done on the WMM Discord and the calendar of events can be found here: Session


Simple Induction

The Name says it all, this was done later in the day at the same studio space as the Focus Induction.  It's a bit cleaner and will be used for a few files I expect to post sometime in April.


Focus Induction

This is a simple focus based induction that I've done before, I reworked it in a studio environment as practice using their equipment. There is no awakening with this file so be forewarned.


Autumn Leaf Induction

Contrary to my own name, this file is not evil in any way.  This is simply an induction to take you down VERY deeply into trance using guided imagery and a gentle wind.  Imagine your mind blown along as an autumn leaf and you will get the idea, you should find yourself feeling wonderful when you awaken.  Enjoy!



This file helps you get the most productive trances and helps all the other files work better at the same time. It also trys to get you at the perfect level of trance for suggestions.


This file trains the listener to go easier into the state of hypnosis right up to the stage of the listener going so deep s/he will not remember any of the sessions and it will just be like having a short sleep. They will become more susceptable and find it very easy and quick to go under and take in the post-hypnotic suggestions. The file also carries messages to make the listener want to listen to it as much as possible- in order to go under very easy- including while asleep


Trains the listener to reinforce their triggers/training in their sleep. May result in odd dreams


This file will help you go into a deeper and deeper state of trance and to do it more easily so all the files on the site will work better.


This file takes you down and then deepens your trance, stilling all your thoughts until you are completely blank and devoid of thought. Use it before other files and it will make them work much better, or let some one trigger you with \"Your Mind is Blank now\" and you will return to this state for them to do as they desire. Revert to Normal wakes you back up from this state.
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Dark Obsession - Trance

You might not think of trance as a Dark Obsession, but this file takes you down and literally addicts you to hypnosis, trance, and all the dark and evil things we do there. Listen at your own risk.


Experience having sex with the person of your choice during trance


A suggestive file designed for those who have a hard time gettting tranced; plants a trigger so that when EMG says nice and deep and relaxed you find yourself automatically falling into a nice deep trance.


Short mantra to help you go under/be brainwashed. Pretty catchy and easy to listen to. Created by Mind Mistress at


An induction that takes you under through focusing your attention. Just puts you under and wakes you back up with minor suggestions to help trance.


This is the confusion induction as it was posted in the group. It uses a different technique to induce trance.

This file has been recently remastered, the new version can be found here: Confusion Induction - Remastered



This file allows the person listening to choose who can and can not trigger them since apparently some of you want a choice.

Massage Induction

What\\\'s more relaxing than a massage? This induction takes you down by helping you visualize a massage and how relaxing it is.

7 Plus Or Minus 2

This induction works on the principle that you can only keep 7 things in your mind(plus or minus 2). It\\\'s a good induction for analytical people.
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