Trig Freeze - Remastered

This is a complete recreation of my original trig freeze hypnosis file that is one of my earliest files.  This one uses "freeze time for you" as a trigger and can be self triggered although you'll be reliant on someone else to release you.  Once frozen you can be moved by others, but not on your own.  There are some safeties, if you freeze yourself it'll release after 2 hours, if someone else does it it'll release overnight.  There's also some for if you're in danger etc.  To be released from the trigger someone(not you) has to say "freeze time is over"


Trig Robot - Remastered

This hypnosis file is a fully re-imagined version of my trig robot file.  Once triggered you with "it's robot time" you will instantly become a robot that can be programmed and commanded by others.  This file has additional safeties that prevent you from being programmed to violate your ethics.  You also cannot be left a robot for more than a single day.  Once you are returned to yourself with "robot time is over"  you will have a full memory of what you did as a robot and how you were programmed.


Rubber Virus

Day 6 of EMG's 2020 Quarantine File a Day project.  In this hypnosis file I take you down and give you a virus that transforms your entire body into latex and rubber leaving you a human rubber doll until the end of the day or you use a trigger to release yourself.

Future files will be done on the WMM Discord and the calendar of events can be found here: Session


Trig Doll

When triggered with \"it\'s dolly time\" you will become a human doll that can be posed by anyone. The only movement you will have is if someone touches the middle of your back, pulling your string to let you speak a sentence. You will remain this way until someone says \"let\'s put dolly away\"

Blank Doll

After listening to this file, the listener, when triggered, will enter a mostly blank state, where while they are able to see and hear they cannot think for themselves, as such they\'d obey every command from the person that triggered them. The triggerer can also place a new mind in control of the body by stating to the listener that a given item places a new mind in their body (example: Putting a necklace on them will make them act like a girl, or putting them in a diaper makes them into a complete baby (With added incontinence and inability to walk!)), with the effect ending when the object is removed and their mind returning to a blank state. The triggerer can also force changes to the blank\'s appearance or stance (Example: The blank is forced to smile like a bimbo, wear a blonde wig or stand as if they\'re wearing heels regardless of what they\'re wearing on their feet.) which the listener will then be unable to change without permission. The triggers for this file are \'Blank Doll Time for \' and \'Blank Doll turn off\'.

One Hour Doll

For one hour after listening to this file you will find that your body is that of a doll and that your mind is the same. You will exist to be touched and played with and yearn for it once it's gone.
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All Dolled Up 2

A continuation/extension of All Dolled Up 1 based on the story of the same name by Covert Hypnotist. This file makes you into a living doll with your old personality stored in a ring that can be removed at will by yourself or your owner. It also leaves you with 5 barbie personalities that are triggered by being told to dress in a specific outfit. The personalities are:

Exercise barbie
Maid Barbie
Work Barbie
Student Barbie
Sextoy Barbie
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All Dolled Up 1

Part 1 of 2 files that are based on the All Dolled Up series by covert hypnotist. This file uses the mantras from the story as well as the connection to orgasming to blank your mind completely until what exists is an empty toy personality that can be triggered with the phrase "Wind-Up Barbie" Once triggered the person that triggers you has complete control until they say "Wake Up Barbie" They can create new barbie personalities as needed.

Human Mannequin

When the trigger phrase "Human Mannequin Time for you" is said you will instantly pose and turn into a human mannequin. You body will feel as if it has become made of plastic, and you will only be mobile at your joints. You will become an inanimate piece of plastic without any control over your body which has become a hardened piece of plastic with no genitals. You will still see and hear, but beyond that you won't react and all you will feel is warmth when a real human touches your cold plastic body. Only when "Revert To Normal" is said will you return to being a fully mobile human being.

Human Mannequin Test

A 10 minutes test file for the Human Mannequin file. Triggers you and then 10 minutes later reverts you.

Trig Rag Doll

When 'Rag Doll time for you' is spoken this causes the person to become limp like a rag doll. The only way any part of the body can be moved is by someone else moving them, or by gravity pulling that part down. You will be fully aware of your surroundings but unable to move or talk. When 'Rag Doll time is over' or 'Revert to Normal' the effects are removed.


turns you into a human mannequin when someone says "mannequin time for you" and back to normal again when you hear "revert to normal." In this one you will have no recollection of your time as a mannequin.


turns you into a human mannequin when someone says "freeze time for you" and back to normal again when you hear "revert to normal." In this one you will experience and remember everything that happens to you as a mannequin.


This file will let someone easily self-test trigfreeze2 by triggering you and then un-triggering you after 10 minutes.

Curse Inchy Pinchy

This is a His-N-Hers, triggered curse file intended for married couples and couples in long-term relationships. During intercourse, the partner being made love to may initiate the curse by whispering \"inchy-pinchy\" into their lover\'s ear. At that point their lover becomes a sex-bot that will assume any position they are told to and varies the speed of the lovemaking depending on how hard their nipples are twisted. The sexbot will be unable to cum and will feel humiliated by the experience. When they hear the word \"Eclipse\" the curse will switch and their partner will become the sexbot and the once bot will be in control. This curse cannot be removed for 6 months and if still active after a year becomes permanent.
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The Machine

Two little words, that\'s all it takes, all it takes to turn off your mind and turn The Machine on. The words \"Machine Time\" said, sent in an IM or text message will turn your mind off and The Machine on. The machine doesn\'t get tired, sad, or embarassed, it has no family ties or modesty, it simply does as it is told. And, as a reward for doing as it is told it feels all pleasure 10 times as powerfully as a human ever will. A touch is bliss, the words \"good job\" is nearly orgasmic, and sex is mind blowing for the maching. Oh, and don\'t forget to turn it off with \"Turn Off\" when you\'re done.


Similar to TrigRobot except that this one leaves you with full memory of what happens and in full control of yourself EXCEPT for whatever commands/programs the person who triggers you gives you, then the robot inside you will execute perfectly. The trigger is "Robot Time Now" and to end it your programmer says "Robot Time Over"


this one makes you body obey the commands of whoever says the trigger which is "body slave time for you." Once it is said your body will do what they say whether you want it or not until they say "revert to normal." You will be totall awake for this, you will just have to do what they say.
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