Trig Woman - Remastered

This is a total remake of my original Trig Woman hypnosis file. The file takes you down and has you imagine ever aspect of the woman you want to look like and then sets a trigger "Trig Woman Now" that will turn you into that woman until someone says "Trig Woman is Over" You can trigger this yourself and your personality will be unchanged you'll just be the woman you imagined from head to to including her voice, makeup and clothes. You will remember everything after you are reverted and you can always revert yourself at any time.


Trig Female Form Redux

A total reimagining of EMG's popular TrigFemaleForm file recorded in the studio. This file will let you become whatever woman you imagine anytime you or someone else says Female Form Time and you will then stay that way until someone says "Revert to normal"  This file uses much deeper visualizations and should be much better than the original.


Feminizing Massage

You find yourself on a massage table when 2 astoundingly beautiful blonds come in and begin to give you a massage but after they \nfinish massaging each part of your body, it becomes that of a woman. Once complete, you then have a female orgasm and awaken.


This file will make a man behave more and more effeminant. You will take up female interests and lose interest in all your male ones. Does not change sexual preference or make you crossdress.
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Curse Super Female Whammy

WARNING: THIS FILE CANNOT BE REMOVED EVEN BY EMG HIMSELF AND THE END RESULTS ARE PERMANENT. Step 1: will cause your penis and ballsack to shrink until both are completely invisible. This will continue until all that is left is a smooth crotch with no visible signs of male genitalia. The only thing that will remain is a small hole at the base of your crotch so you can urinate.(this is esentially the Curse Penis/Ballsack Shrink) Step 2: all your body hair will fall out except for scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes. Step 3: your body will redistribute all of the fat till you have a female figure. Step 4: your breasts will grow till they are large and firm(essentially the breast curse) Step 5: your new breasts will lactate. Step 6: your vocal chords will change till you have a high pitched female voice(think female ranma, or the don't get mad get glad lady)


This file is intended to be looped and does not put you under. It includes suggestions to your subconscious that will cause a rapid change in your gender from Male to Female. It includes dreaming of past lives(female) and use that knowledge to help change your sex.


When anyone says 'Vagina Time for you' your penis will shrink and disappear to be replaced with a vagina until that person says 'Revert to normal'. [self trigerable]

Curse Womb

This curse transforms your penis into a functinal womb. The file does not cause breast growth or feminization. The file is non-reversable.


An induction for males to passionately desire to develop feminine hips and buttocks and enters totally into mind warping mode to stimulate the subconscous to adjust the endocrine system accordingly. A trigger phrase \'girl\'s bottom is growing bigger now!\' Further indocrination for increase in estrogen manufacture in the male subject and the more he resists the larger his buttocks grow more womanly. Until the maximum mind acceptance of taking appropriate hormone treatment. Wears panties 24/7 and required to buy increasing sizes as his buttocks swell into female form.

Curse Hormone Change

A curse file that will cause the level of male hormones to drop to female levels and cause female hormones to rise to normal female levels. The changes to the hormones are real and the resultant effects are real.

Curse Breast Growth Male

This file curses the Male listener with breast growth that will not end until I remove the curse.


When the trigger phrase 'Female Time for you' is said{by you or someone else} you will immediately find yourself in a female body until someone says 'revert to normal.' [self trigerable]
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