Cum Dump

This hypnosis file leaves you literally wanting to become a human cum dump.  Suitable for male or female listeners this file creates a slowly increasing desire to have cum all over you body.  Face, hair, back, chest legs, everywhere.  The desire grows and grows until it becomes and obsession that may well be better than sex.  Let's face it, you will become what this file is named.  A Cum Dump.

You can purchase the file here: Cum Dump

Can't Sleep Without it


Remember when you were younger and you had a favorite plush/blanket/etc.  Remember how hard it was to get to sleep unless you had it with you and how upsetting it was if you misplaced or lost it.  This file re-awakens those feeling causing you to connect to a specific item so strongly that you find it nearly impossible to sleep without it.

You can purchase the file here: Can't Sleep Without It


Insatiable Glutton

This hypnosis file is intended to turn your appetite into that of an insatiable feeder.  We are not talking simple hunger, we are talking insatiable, a hunger that cannot be quenched, a desire to eat and eat until you are nothing more than a pig of a human your fingers swollen and thick, your body so massive your legs may not even be able to handle your weight.  You are an insatiable glutton and that is what this file will make you into.  Listen at your own risk, EMG and EMGHypnosis are not responsible for any health risks associated with weight gain resulting from this file.

The file can be purchased here: Insatiable Glutton


The Baby Inside You

This hypnosis file speaks to your subconscious mind, it awakens the baby inside your inner mind allowing it to get stronger and stronger until it's strong enough to come out and play whenever it's safe to do so.  What will the baby do, will they crawl, will they babble and use a sippy cup.  That is for the baby inside of you to decide.

You can purchase the file here: The Baby Inside You

Cock Destroyer Curse

There is nothing nice to this hypnosis file, it's a curse, and as they go it's an unpleasant one.  This curse is intended to completely destroy your cock.  To make it so small, useless and impotent that even the act of masturbation is an act in personal humiliation.  What's worse, this curse is PERMANENT, even if you purchase something to remove it, even if you ask another hypnotist to help you this file will just dig itself further into your subconscious until you have a tiny little impotent cock that is of no use to anyone.

You can purchase the file here: Cock Destroyer Curse