Revisiting the Past

I started warpmymind in 2002, and between the time I started it and the end of 2003 I recorded over 100 files.  Almost every one of those was done using a crappy microphone and with very little experience in hypnosis on my part.  I have decided that I am going to re-record almost every single one of them.  1 file a week for the next 2 years revisiting them all and making newer fresher versions.

A random update

As I mentioned when I started this blog, it may die as I'm not an natural blogger, I don't have a burning desire to write down every little thought for others to read.  Still as I just finished the final letter in my quest to read everything on the MC stories archive(ok, everything that interested me)  I figured it was time for a new post.  I have stopped doing live recordings but may pick that back up when the studio opens back up doing a live recording from the studio space.  I also have a few plans for WMM that are actually moving forward so expect to see changes there.  As for EMGHypnosis, I need to find something that is special to this site, still not sure what that is.  Anyway, stay safe and wear a mask.

Final note, when I started reading all the MC stories I guessed I'd finish sometime in 2020.  NAILED it!

2020 Quarantine Project

You may have noticed a LOT of new files popping up recently.  That's because every day during April I am doing a live hypnosis session in Discord over on the WMM Discord Server

If you want to participate check out the schedule of events here:  Discord Session Schedule

If you have ideas for future sessions please drop me a note at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks to everyone that has participated so far!

Working my way into the new year

Well, 2018 is dead and buried and now it's time to start in on another new year.  I figure I'll post about once every 3 months on average, I'm hoping I post files a WEE bit more than that, I'd like to achieve 2-4 a month, we'll see how it plays out but so far I am ahead of schedule.  I've also made one upgrade to WMM and have arranged for a bit of a redesign of EMGHypnosis to make it look and work nicer.  As to Hypno-Fetish, I believe my next programming effort will be to add a rate-a-tist section to the site so people can get an idea of how good/bad/reputable the various tists(and subjects) are on the site.  Currently that is my next goal followed by some behind-the-scenes stuff on WMM.  We shall see, but I am hoping for a productive 2019.

Oh, and I fixed the problem with playing content on an iPhone, that should work until the next time I update the shopping cart system.

Just love the Holidays

Yeah, well, nanowrimo went about as well as it did the year before.  3K words out of 50K.  0 files recorded too.  That will change on that 18th I have studio time and there will be new content.  Also working on changes to WMM including posting videos of popular artists on youtube. So, we'll see if my creativity is ramping back up, or it's just another short term bout of competence.  :)  Either way, don't expect another update here till 2019(which puts me WAY ahead of Dr. Who)


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