Only Big Kids Can Walk

A simple hypnosis file with a trigger that makes you too young to stand up the moment you hear or say "Only Big Kids Can Walk"  You will find yourself reduced to crawling for 3 hours, or until someone else says "Revert to normal"  There are safeties for emergencies or situations where you need to stand up.

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I Want to be Small Again

This hypnosis file is a self triggerable file that makes you feel very little and small when you say "I want to be small again".  How small is up to your own imagination.  You will stay this way until either life demands you to be bigger or until you say I want to be big again.  It doesn't specify any sort of incontinence but if you get small enough it will certainly happen.  Essentially it just makes you little.

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Baby Time Stress Reliever

Life and work create stress.  Every day there are things that make you feel small or want to just disappear.  This hypnosis file does 2 things.  First it helps you face all the trials of life, increasing your strength and confidence during the day, but once you're at home and safe you'll find all those troubles slipping away as you get smaller and smaller until you're as little as life makes you feel at times and lets you stay that way until you're ready to be an adult again or you wake up the next day.

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Can't Sleep Without It


Remember when you were younger and you had a favorite plush/blanket/etc.  Remember how hard it was to get to sleep unless you had it with you and how upsetting it was if you misplaced or lost it.  This file re-awakens those feeling causing you to connect to a specific item so strongly that you find it nearly impossible to sleep without it.


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The Baby Inside You

This hypnosis file speaks to your subconscious mind, it awakens the baby inside your inner mind allowing it to get stronger and stronger until it's strong enough to come out and play whenever it's safe to do so.  What will the baby do, will they crawl, will they babble and use a sippy cup.  That is for the baby inside of you to decide.

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Be a Baby All Night Long

This hypnosis file is intended to be listened to at bedtime.  The file then shrinks you down and makes you as little as you want to be until morning.  You choose the age and your mind regresses you back to that size and age and leaves you experiencing the world that way until you wake up in the morning(or an alarm goes off).  Should you wake before morning you'll stay little until it's time to wake up properly.  Any dreams you have will be those of an infant/child and you will remember them when you awaken.  Should you be too small to control your bladder/bowel a diaper or training pant is recommended.

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Childish Words

This age regression hypnosis file can only be triggered by the listener, but every time someone else uses a childish word around you it makes you need to use the trigger a little more.  Words like baby, little, childish, brat, tantrum make you slowly feel smaller and smaller inside until you have to trigger yourself at which point you regress back to the age the words make you feel, possibly even a baby and stay that way until you're ready to be an adult again. 

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Little Baby Time

This hypnosis file is far less hardcore than most of my baby files, this file transforms you into a baby whenever you(and only you) say "baby time".  The file encourages you to trigger yourself whenever you need to feel safe, decompress from work, or have time that you just want to be a baby.  You can remain that way for as long as you wish.  The file includes talking like a baby, being unable to hold things, the possibility of wetting/messing so diapers are recommended but not required.  Just a nice way to relax and enjoy a little baby time when you need it most.

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Curse Baby's Dinner

This curse file will make the listener prepare a baby's dinner for themselves every night for a month and then force them to either eat it like a baby(little/no motor control) or suck it from a baby bottle with an enlarged opening in the nipple.  That will be the only dinner they get an any attempt to circumvent the curse will add additional days to how long it lasts.  Once the 30 days are over the curse ends(unless you listen again).

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Curse Baby Regression

This wicked little # curses the listener with spontaneous regressions to infancy. Imagine being perfectly normal one second and unable to walk or speak the next. That\'s what it does, but only when it\'s safe to do so. As the curse progresses your periods of regression will get longer and longer so be warned this one may be evil.
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Age Confusion

This file creates a temporary state of age regression by causing the subject to be confused about his or her age, using milestones of development rather than numbers.


This file regresses a female back to the age stated when she is triggered with "Daddy loves his cute (blank) year-old." At that point she will act whatever age she is told when triggered and treat the trigerer as Daddy until she hears "Big girl time" If she is regressed far enough she will become incontinent just like a young child. The file allows the listener to remember what happened and encourages them to enjoy it.

Curse PrePubescent

This file curses the listener with a body that becomes more and more pre-pubescent. pubic hair growth ceases, the penis and balls or breasts shrink, your voice gets higher and your body returns to the way it was before puberty. This curse cannot be removed for 6 months and any effects you get from it are permanent.
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Binky Dual Layer

This dual layer file(EMG\'s voice as both a primary and secondary audio layer) creates a trigger in the listener so that whenever they pick up or are handed a binky(pacifier) they instantly transform into an infant until the binky is taken away or is no longer in plain sight.
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This file creates a trigger in the listener so that whenever they pick up or are handed a binky(pacifier) they instantly transform into an infant until the binky is taken away or is no longer in plain sight.
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Dark Obsession - Baby Talk

Find yourself obsessed with the way babies talk and speak until you find yourself talking that way, and once you talk that way it\'s only a matter of time until you start acting that way.

Curse Night Diapers

WARNING!!! This is a curse file and may only be removed by EMG!!!
This curse is not removable for 6 months from the first time you listen and must be removed within a year or it becomes permanent. The listener will be forced to put on a diaper before dressing for bed and will have to wear it for 6 hours. If they forget they will wake up and wear cloth diapers and rubber pants for 8 hours. Whenever they wear diapers they will wet them regularly and be unable to get an erection or masturbate.
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This file regresses you to an 18 month old infant who will forever act like a baby with no bladder/bowel control and a need for baby foods, bottles and pacifiers for the rest of your life.

Curse Thumb Sucker

This curse will last 6 months before it can be removed. The listener will suck their thumb at night at first and then develop more and more infantile behavior at night including a need for diapers. Also includes a trigger 'Thumb Sucking Time' that will make you suck your thumb and act more and more infantile, more so each time your triggered, for 2 hours or until returned to normal with 'Revert to Normal'


Turns you into a baby for 24 hours, you will act like a complete baby and lose all control over bladder and bowels. For the next 24 hours after you listen you will be reduces to being nothing more than a baby.
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