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Potty Training Eraser

The premise of this hypnosis file is quite simple, it will slowly erase memory of ever having been potty trained  until you have no recollection of it ever having happened.  It does so by working with your subconscious/inner mind to slowly remove any recollection of ever having been successfully potty trained.  Imagine slowly losing all memories of ever having been potty trained until you no longer remember ever having used a toilet and discovering one day that you have to wear diapers to avoid wetting and messing because you never learned how to control yourself.  That is what this file will do to you.

This file comes with 2 versions, a traditional MP3 and a double layer silent subliminal.  The subliminal includes 1 VERY quiet layer as well as a truly subliminal layer, if you start to hear the quiet layer, turn your volume down as the true subliminal layer will be pounding in your ears at a dangerously high level.

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Diaper Logic Trap

This hypnosis file works on the fact that you know you want to wear diapers, you know you want to use diapers, this file uses a logical progression to make it so you have to wear diapers and you have to use them.  The logic is inescapable and so is the outcome, you will wear diapers, you will use them.

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Boyhood 3

This hypnosis file speaks to your subconscious, making it so any time you wear a diaper it brings you back to when you were young and being potty trained.  The act of wearing a diaper will cause you to wet and mess like you did back then and doing so will reinforce your boyhood keeping the file constantly fresh in your mind. 


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Accident Anxiety

This file is a lot like my accidents file but it is more powerful and leaves the listener anxious that they will have an accident whenever they are not wearing a diaper. So much so that they have a hard time going without one.

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Permanent Bladder and Bowel Incontinence

Listening to this file will result in permanent incontinence of both bladder and bowel. Wetting and messing will happen whenever and wherever you are so be ready to wear your diapers forever.
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Safe Bladder Bowel Loss

Whenever you are in a safe place and diapered, you lose all bladder and bowel control, and it goes away when you are not diapered.
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Curse Diaper Humiliation 2

The Sequel to Curse Diaper Humiliation. It is similar to the original but doesn\\\'t include the masturbation aspects but does make you state how much you love your diapers everytime you change them and makes you wear baby clothes and use a pacifier at home.

Trig Potty Amnesia

This is like an incontinence file with an extra bonus. When you hear the phrase, "Babies don't know about the potty," you will be completely incontinent of both bladder and bowels (diapers are helpful!), and you will know everything that a baby knows about the potty and going potty -- in other words, not much! You won't recognize when you have to go, you won't notice when you're going if possible, and you might not even notice after you've gone. The potty is something for grownups, which you are not, so you don't think about using it. It cannot possibly occur to you that this or that feeling means it's time to go potty, because you don't know what going potty is anymore. If you don't have someone else to change your diapers, you may remember that the potty is useful for getting rid of the mess in messy diapers, but that's all! In all other ways you remain normal, but you can't remember what a potty is for or what feelings tell you it's time to go potty, until you hear the phrase, "Time to grow up."
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DS - DiaperTraining

From the Diaper Series - Diaper training file that removes your control of your bladder and bowel when you are diapered. When you have bowel movements in a diaper you will feel very emotionally upset, you will also wet them at night and be unable to get up in the morning if you are dry for any reason. Purchase does not give access to Diaper Series and cannot be applied to purchase the series later.


Makes you loose control of your bowel and bladder when someone says "Incontinence time for you" you won't be able to control it until someone says "Revert to Normal"

Curse Diaper Humiliation

A VERY extreme curse for those into diapers and humiliation. You will be forced to wear and use diapers 24/7. You will be completely incontinent You will wear nothing but diapers when in a private or mostly-private setting, and must wear the thickest, most noticable diapers under your clothes when in public. You will gladly tell anyone who asks that you wear diapers because you wet and mess your pants like a baby. You will only be able to change if your diaper is 100% full. You must masturbate before every diaper change, loudly exclaiming how much you love your diaper.
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