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I surrender

This hypnosis file is intended to enslave the listener to EMG, it is a full blown assault on who you are that will only end when you say the words "I surrender" and accept that your mind and body are no longer your own but belong to another.  Not for the faint of heart, this file is intended to break you.


The Jail

Day 5 of EMG's 2020 Quarantine File a Day project.  Day 5 of EMG's 2020 Quarantine File a Day project.  In this hypnosis file I'm putting your whole mind on lock-down imprisoning your mind until either you find the right key to break out on your own or serve your term of one no-holds barred command from me that must be obeyed to completion before I'll let you out.

Future files will be done on the WMM Discord and the calendar of events can be found here: Session

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You Belong to ME

This hypnosis file is crafted in a very dominant format, this file drills into your mind one simple truth, that you belong to me.  Mind and body enslaved to only one owner, EMG.  This file isn't for everyone, it destroys who you were and simply makes you a tool to use as I desire.  Listen at your own risk.

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EMG Slavery Logic Trap

The logic of this hypnosis file is irrefutable, you chose to listen so you must want to be enslaved, if you want to be enslaved then you must want to give up control of your mind, if you want to give up control of your mind then you have no choice, you have no choice but to obey EMG.  This is a rabbit hole only the brave should go down.

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EMGs Voice 2

Feel MY voice arouse you beyond any arousal you have experience before. Then I will make you orgasm at my command as I take control of your mind and body and make you surrender to my voice.
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Oblivion - Total Oblivion

One of EMG\'s longest files, this file is meant to destroy who you are and make you his property. It takes control of mind, body, sexual needs and your very identity as he destroys who you were and makes you his.
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Evil 16

This time EMG decides to show you your place before him, making you kneel down and prostrate yourself before him in your mind and in reality.
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EMGs Voice

Just listen and relax as I take you down so very deep and make my voice and all my files affect you more deeply than you ever imagined. Definitely addictive, Definitely powerful, My voice will change you deeply.
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EMG takes you down and chains your mind breaking it to his will and desires.
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Evil 15

The latest in the evil series, this file is so messed up EMG can\'t give it away and doesn\'t recommend it to anyone. The file traps you in trance, making you listen repeatedly until your mind is completely his.
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MindFuck - Pleasure

This may well be a masterpiece of evil. EMG makes you feel pleasure like you have never felt before and slowly twists it to his own evil desires.
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Oblivion - Emptying Your Mind

Feel EMG take you down into an amazingly deep trance and empty your mind of everything but his voice, but his will, but his control.

Evil 06

Next in the files for Evil\\\'s Place. Will Deepen your obedience and conditioning

Evil 11(M)

Next in the files for Evil\\\'s Place. Men, feel how much pleasure and control EMG can give you.
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Oblivion - Personal ATM

EMG doesn\'t just rape your mind in this file, he twists it shoving you down into your place and making it so you cannot orgasm without paying for the privlege turning you into his Personal ATM and making you worship EMG for it.
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Oblivion - Taking Everything

Listen as EMG crawls into your mind and starts taking it. Your secrets, your fears, your desires, everything until nothing is left but an obedient shell that exists for his control.

Evil 08

The next in the Evil series, this file attaches slave\'s arousal to listening to my files an obeying and reminds slave of all it has learned.
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Oblivion - Your Mind

Once you let EMG into your mind, can you ever get him back out? Will you want to? Will it even be your mind anymore after listening to this file? Listen at you own risk.

This file includes a full re-recording of the oblivion induction.

Evil 13

The Latest in the Evil series. In this file learn how good it feels to experience your Master's cock and his cum as he uses your mouth and reminds you of your place.

Evil 12(F)

Next in the files for Evil's Place. EMG makes you worship his cock and lose yourself in your need for it.
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