Be a Baby All Night Long

This hypnosis file is intended to be listened to at bedtime.  The file then shrinks you down and makes you as little as you want to be until morning.  You choose the age and your mind regresses you back to that size and age and leaves you experiencing the world that way until you wake up in the morning(or an alarm goes off).  Should you wake before morning you'll stay little until it's time to wake up properly.  Any dreams you have will be those of an infant/child and you will remember them when you awaken.  Should you be too small to control your bladder/bowel a diaper or training pant is recommended.

The file can be purchased her: Be a Baby All Night Long

Confusion Induction - Remastered

Part of EMG's project to redo all of his older files to clean up the audio and use his years of experience to simply make them better.  This is a classic confusion induction which has the hypnotist speaking to both your conscious and subconscious minds at once.  once I get you down I do some basic feel good meditation and wake you back up. 

This file was recorded live on BDSM HypnoBasement where I intend to do more of the remastering sessions. 

The original can be found here: ConfusionInduction

The remastered version can be downloaded free here: Confusion Induction - Remastered

Sleep Reinforce

The original trainsleepreinforce was recorded with poor equipment when I had very little experience and was just playing around and taking requests.  This new version was done under studio conditions and is far superior.   The file essentially takes you down into trance and reinforces any/all other training and triggers that you have and makes them stronger while you sleep, so much so that they may even intrude upon your dreams.

You can download it free here: Sleep Reinforce

Possessed Heels

Imagine that your high heel shoes (I have 30 pairs) are possessed by entities that are continuously calling out to you to wear them, with the promise that it will feel amazing. Every time heels touch your feet, you feel a jolt of energy going through your body.  When you wear heels, you feel happy, excited, confident, concentrated, creative, motivated to work as well as motivated to take good care of your body, to exercise and eat right.

 But there’s a price to pay, the entities, are 'drinking' your male energy, slowly but surely feminizing you. Increasing your urge to expand into crossdressing. You will start shaving your body, painting your toenails,  wear stockings, panties, corsets, collars, always feeling the need to ad elements, go further. And there’s always a continuous urge to increase the height of your heels. “The higher the heel, the better I feel”, is always there in your head.  

In time, walking without heels starts to feel unnatural and uncomfortable. The entities are feeding of your energy and are growing more and more powerful, making it harder to take off the heels. Every time you want to take off the heels, the thought is reversed into “I shouldn’t”. Whenever you feel you shouldn’t put on heels, the thought is reversed into “I should!” Over time you realize what’s going on but your mental and physical dependency on the heels is such that they have become like shackles on your feet. 

Only by performing an elaborate ritual can you take them off. The ritual involves putting on nipple clamps, kissing and licking the high heels, pledging your obedience to them and begging them to let you go. Finally once you have cum over the heels and cleaned everything off with your tongue, you will be able take them off. Still, the urge to put them back on will quickly return. Over time, the ritual to remove them will become more elaborate in order to appease the spirits making it harder and harder to remove them.

Finally, the relationship with your heels will grows into one of full dependency. It becomes more and more difficult to feel happy and function properly without the heels. Without heels you feel anxious, unconcentrated, empty, amputated. In time you won’t be able to walk comfortably, without wearing anything less than 4-inch heels. 

 All of this leaves you feeling very frightened, very desperate and very horny.

You can purchase the file here: Possessed Heels

Swishy Walk

In this hypnosis session EMG will take you down and make it so your walk is as swishy and feminine as possible.  You'll be completely aware that you're doing it you simply won't be able to stop yourself from walking that way and wondering how many real men will see your walk and know exactly what you are.

You can download the file here: Swishy Walk