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Curse Forced Gay

This file forces the male listener to become gay. It will make it so he cannot become aroused by women and that whether it humiliates him or not he wants men's cocks.

Curse Shoe Addiction

As simple as it gets, this file will addict the listener to owning, and wearing women\'s shoes. Listen long enough and you\'ll find yourself always on the lookout for that perfect pair.

Curse Always Pregnant

A curse file that will make you believe and feel that you are pregnant all of the time for as long as you keep listening to the file, if you stop listening to the file then you start to lose the effects... The only problem is that you will have a very hard time trying to stop listening to it. ;)

Trig Itchy Time

Whenever someone triggers you with the phrase \"itchy time\" you will find your back itching horribly, painfully, relentlessly until you are reverted. The thing is, you can\'t revert yourself for an hour and if someone else triggers you then you can\'t revert yourself at all.

Mustached Life

A continuation of the Mustach Lover file that makes your mustache more a part of your life. It increases the importance of grooming and showing it off as well as entering Mustach competitions. It also encourages you to encourage others to wear one.

Curse Dancing Shoes

Applicable to either men or women, but intended for females. When the victim hears “Dance Shoes Dance” her shoes become cursed. If music is playing, she will begin shuffling her feet to the music and, shortly, break into full dance. The victim will be helpless to do anything but strut and sway to the music. During pauses between songs, she may rest or eat, however, when a new song starts, she’ll be back up dancing. She will be unable to remove her possessed shoes herself – finding them hopelessly bonded to her feet and she will not be able to describe her condition to anyone verbally. Her toe-tapping will continue until she can convince someone else to remove her afflicted footwear(throught gestures or pantomine) or until bedtime when the shoes will revert to normal and she can remove them. after tens days have lapsed between invocations, the victim must self invoke. The victim must wait a minimum of six months to have the curse removed. After one year it becomes permanent. The curse will not affect you in places where dancing would be inappropriate or while driving.
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Dark Obsession - Golden Showers

The first in the Dark Obsession series, it takes your dark fantasies about golden showers and turns then into an obsession and then a reality.

Curse Tattooed

Curses the listener with a desire to get tattoos all over their body. As they do so they will find that they become more self confident and decide that they want to become more physically fit. Eventually they will become self-confident, muscular, and covered with tattoos.


This is an odd little file that will let you trigger yourself for a set period of time(up to a month). All you need to do is write down the trigger phrase and the amount of time and listen to this file.


This file allows you to reinforce your training and trigger files by listening to it instead of all the files you've been listening to.


Compells the listener to be naked constantly, only allowed to dress for short periods of time when they say the trigger "I need to get dressed"


This trigger makes you wear high heels whenever you hear "X inch heel time for you" where X is the height of the heels you have to wear. You will keep wearing them until told "Revert to Normal"


Not for the faint of heart, this file will make you feel worthless if you don't keep yourself in shape, also tends to make the listener think their only use is as a sexual object. Really intended for woman/gay men.

Curse Webcam Slut

This file turns you into a slut for the webcam. You will feel yourself helplessly compelled to watch other people on the cam and to display yourself in any manner you are asked. You will even set aside other obligations when asked to display yourself, you just can't help it.


Causes you to have amnesia when the trigger phrase "Amnesia Time for you" is spoken, you won't remember your past, friends, etc. until someone says "Revert to Normal" After that you will remember everything, even having amnesia.


Once triggered by 'Gone time for you' your mind will simply go away. you will go totally limp and will not react to any stimulus until you are told 'revert to normal' or someone says your name. your mind will be totally blank while you are gone. [self trigerable]


when triggered the man/woman will need to look the part of a jersy girl from the 80's big hair, long painted nails, leather mini, tight top, high heels, lots of makeup, big hoop earings, and constantly chewing gum, last but not least the very sexy whiney accent. The trigger is "Jersey Girl Time" and "Revert To Normal" changes you back.


this one includes 3 triggers to block your sight/speach/hearing with the phrases 'see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil' They all work seperately and end when you hear 'you may see/hear/speak' or after 24 hours. you CAN trigger yourself but cannot untrigger so be careful or you will be blind for a day ;) [self trigerable]
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