Curse Meerkat Furry 2

This is the second of 2 files intended to turn you into a meerkat furry where you cannot perceive your body as anything other than a meerkat furry. One was scripted by EMG, the other by a user. I\'ll let you figure out which is which.

Trig Vampire

The name says it all. By saying "It's Vampire Time" you will become a vampire. The transformation will leave you feeling that way until you say "Vampire Time Over" And, yes, it does include powers and a hunger for blood(but only from a truly willing victim or an overly rare steak). This file is based on a script sent me by Macabre.

Curse Breast

This file is intended to cause REAL breast growth in the subject and has an addictive nature as well. The curse will last until you can get the curse removed by EMG( to cure the curse. WARNING!!! This file creates a real change and has heavy obedience undertones.



Makes your penis grow until it is the size and thickness you desire.
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Dark Fantasy - Male Alien Implant

Imagine yourself waking in the middle of the night with 2 aliens in your room. You're helpless and unable to move and pretty soon an alien creature enters your body and takes over your libido using it to control you... Listen at your own risk.

Pig Man Muscle Beast

Whenever the listener sees any form of gay porn they will be transformed into a muscular Pig Man that is insatiable and will do anything to achieve an orgasm. Once you cum you will change back, but will find your muscles growing even after it's over.

Curse Trig Catgirl

This file is a furry file designed to cause listeners to imagine themselves as being sexy catgirls when triggered by saying "catgirl time". This file includes both imagined physical and mental changes, which means they gain some of the personality characteristics they imagine catgirls have until they say "revert to normal." It is a curse because the trigger is addictive and each time the listener triggers herself more of her catgirl personality traits remain.

Ball Growth Cock Shrink

Imagine that you are totally stripped of your free will and a switch is flipped in your mind and when it is your balls start growing again and producing enormous amounts of testosterone. As they continue to grow massive and heavy, your cock starts to shrink until it is tiny. The only way to get your cock to grow back is by getting exercise every day for at least a week.

Curse Vulgar Tattooed Bimbo

You will have a urge to get a tattoo that is a vulgar word or picture, the urge will increase each day until it gets so strong that you get the tattoo(you will try to pay for the tattoo by sucking the tattooists cock). Once you have it the urge to get tattoos will stop and a new urge starts. That urge is to post a picture on the internet so everybody can see how dumb you are. This urge will get stronger and stronger until you post one. Once you have posted, the curse starts again from the begining. Each time you get a new tattoo it will be in a place that is harder and harder to hide.
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Rubber Droid

This file goes with the Rubber Droid story in the stories area. The file works for men or women and is intended to make you feel like the droid in the story.


This file makes you into a Skinhead. You will keep your head shaved(despite the quick growth), wear skinhead clothing, and get tattoos and keep your body in shape(this file has no idealogical references)
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Curse 1 Year Weight Gain

For 1 year after listening to this file you will believe that your body looks perfectly fit and healty while at the same time you are eating more and gaining between 50 and 60 lbs. At the end of the year you will have a sudden realization of what has changed and how you actually look. After the year you CAN lose the weight you've gained by diet and exercise. By purchasing this file you accept all health risks that the weight gain might cause and release EMG and WMM from any responsibility for these risks.


Transforms you from into a gay male bear(the animal) for 1 hour after you listen to the file. (for men, preferably those that already think of themselves as a bear)


turns you into an airheaded bimbo when someone says "bimbo time for you" and back to normal again when you hear "revert to normal". You will have no conscious recollection of your time as a bimbo.

Curse Enchanted Keyboard

This file is for anyone, and would be addictive. This is the ultimate file. Whenever you type something, and finish with THE END then the event will happen to you. Eg you can say that you changed into something and then changed back, and you would do so. You could say you had sex and you would do so. There are endlesss possibilitys of fun with this file idea. It could obtain anything, and of course if you didnt say before the end that you changed back to normal the changes would become physical if possible,if not then mental and hallucinated. All would be real to the listener and all is felt and seen and heard.


This file makes the listener more "country". They will start talking with a southern accent, with poor grammer and all, words like y'all and aint would be regular parts of their vocabulary. The only type of music they would listen to is country. They would start wearing cowboy type boots, jeans, and button up shirts as their every day attire along with john deer hats or cowboy hats, anything with camoflage would also be accepable. They would start using smokeless tobacco, like copenhagen or skoal, all of the time and beer would be their beverage of choice. They would prefer to drive a truck over other vehicles and their favorite activities would be hunting, fishing, and occasionally line dancing..

Curse Muscle Bound

Intended for men. When triggered, this file makes the guy feel like his muscles are growing rapidly (like The Hulk but without the green skin) whenever he hears "Muscle Bound", sex drive exponentially increases, and his genitals feel unreasonably large. A revert to normal clause exists, but it also has effects when not triggered. His metabolism is increased greatly, his testosterone levels increase significantly, his genitals grow uncontrollably and permenantly, his muscles grow permanently as well, overall skin sensitivity increases, and all hair except for pubic hair and anything above the base of the neck falls out. Can be self triggered.


Upon being triggered by 'Story Time for you' the listener will choose a character in a story that they are listening to and they will experience everything that character experiences until they stop reading or are told to 'revert to normal.' [self trigerable]


When the listener hears the phrase 'Pregnant Time' He or she will believe that they are suddenly 9 months pregnant. They will have a big round belly, large, milk filled breasts, they will experience all the symptoms of a woman in the last trimester of pregnancy. If the listener then hears 'Birth Time' The listener will then begin to experience contractions and go into labor. After 'giving birth' the listener will be back to normal. The listener can also go back to normal by hearing the phrase 'revert to normal.' All changes are imagined, not real.


Lets you transmorph into anything you can imagine just by imagining it and then saying 'Change Now' When your ready to return to normal just say 'Revert to Normal' can't be triggered by someone else. [self trigerable]
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