Curious Collar


You will find a collar on a table, in the post or wherever is suitable for you. It will look exactly how you want and expect it to look. It will feel exactly how you want and expect it to feel. It will even smell exactly how you want and expect it to smell. You have forgotten you have listened to this file and you\'re curious. You pick it up, inspect it. You know it goes around your neck but you\'re just not sure where it\'s come from and you\'re not even sure how it\'s supposed to stay on your neck. You know it snaps shut but it doesn\'t seem to have any sort of small part or hinge or lock or anything. You place it around your neck, in front of a mirror, and close it. You admire it for a second and you go to take it off only to find that you can\'t. You panic. The collar may be embarrassing or even worse, pink! Eventually you calm down and accept it, but you are still worried what others may think. It has no seams or gaps or hinges. It seems like it was forged around your neck. There is nothing you can do to ever remove the collar, apart from purchasing the removal file, but why spend money to remove an imaginary collar?
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