Trig Virtual Crossdressing


When ever you say the words "It's cross-dressing time", you'll believe that any clothes that you are wearing or own are now longer a man's wardrobe. Shirts will now become blouses, boxers will be panties, long pants will be long skirts (below the knee), pajamas will become a nightie, shorts will become a mini skirt, etc. Swim trunks will feel like a bikini bottom, and you will feel and believe that you are wearing a bikini atop along with it. If you were only a shirt you will believe it to be a dress instead of a blouse. If the male clothes were casual, it will become casual women’s clothes. And if it was formal, your new clothes will appear to be also. Whenever you say the trigger you will feel your clothes immediately transformed and you will both see and feel them around your body. You will feel your breasts within a bra under your outer clothes, you will feel the wind between your legs, and the padding around your hips. When the file is triggered, there will be no doubt that you are wearing women’s clothes. This will last until you say “cross-dressing time is over.”