Curse Super Female Whammy

$10.00 each

WARNING: THIS FILE CANNOT BE REMOVED EVEN BY EMG HIMSELF AND THE END RESULTS ARE PERMANENT. Step 1: will cause your penis and ballsack to shrink until both are completely invisible. This will continue until all that is left is a smooth crotch with no visible signs of male genitalia. The only thing that will remain is a small hole at the base of your crotch so you can urinate.(this is esentially the Curse Penis/Ballsack Shrink) Step 2: all your body hair will fall out except for scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes. Step 3: your body will redistribute all of the fat till you have a female figure. Step 4: your breasts will grow till they are large and firm(essentially the breast curse) Step 5: your new breasts will lactate. Step 6: your vocal chords will change till you have a high pitched female voice(think female ranma, or the don't get mad get glad lady)