Blank Doll


After listening to this file, the listener, when triggered, will enter a mostly blank state, where while they are able to see and hear they cannot think for themselves, as such they\'d obey every command from the person that triggered them. The triggerer can also place a new mind in control of the body by stating to the listener that a given item places a new mind in their body (example: Putting a necklace on them will make them act like a girl, or putting them in a diaper makes them into a complete baby (With added incontinence and inability to walk!)), with the effect ending when the object is removed and their mind returning to a blank state. The triggerer can also force changes to the blank\'s appearance or stance (Example: The blank is forced to smile like a bimbo, wear a blonde wig or stand as if they\'re wearing heels regardless of what they\'re wearing on their feet.) which the listener will then be unable to change without permission. The triggers for this file are \'Blank Doll Time for \' and \'Blank Doll turn off\'.
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