Gradual Slave Trainer 08 - Accepting Others

$10.00 each

This is the eighth part of a 9 part hypnotic slave training series.  Every file in the series works as a refresher for previous parts as well as introducing new behaviors and desires so while the files can be used separately, you will get the greatest results from using them in order.  Almost all of the files are gender neutral except where noted and make the subject loyal to an existing BF/Husband/Master.  The changes in behavior start out quite gradually and become more intense as the series progresses. 

This file trains the subject that to fulfill all the desires of the person who is the center of their world they have to accept that others may serve that person too.  This may mean the person serves them occasionally, daily, or constantly but it does not matter because their purpose is to bring that person pleasure and that is also the purpose of anyone else that is serving them, to be jealous or angry would displease the center of their world and thus is to be avoided at all costs because what is truly important is serving and pleasing.