Potty Training Eraser

$35.00 each

The premise of this hypnosis file is quite simple, it will slowly erase memory of ever having been potty trained  until you have no recollection of it ever having happened.  It does so by working with your subconscious/inner mind to slowly remove any recollection of ever having been successfully potty trained.  Imagine slowly losing all memories of ever having been potty trained until you no longer remember ever having used a toilet and discovering one day that you have to wear diapers to avoid wetting and messing because you never learned how to control yourself.  That is what this file will do to you.

This file comes with 2 versions, a traditional MP3 and a double layer silent subliminal.  The subliminal includes 1 VERY quiet layer as well as a truly subliminal layer, if you start to hear the quiet layer, turn your volume down as the true subliminal layer will be pounding in your ears at a dangerously high level.