Forgetting that you are a man

This hypnosis file doesn't change you into a woman instantly, instead it just slowly destroys your masculinity by making you forget it.  One piece of your masculinity at a time is stripped away until all of your manly memories are replaced with more feminine ones.  EMG doesn't just take your masculinity away, he makes you forget it entirely and permanently one memory at a time.

You can purchase the file here: Forgetting that you are a man

Trig Puppy - Remastered

This hypnosis file recreates my trig puppy file which turns the listener into a puppy dog when they hear the trigger "puppy time for you"  and back to themselves when "puppy time is over" Unlike the original you will remember your entire time as a human animal and I have added safeties to avoid abuse or being pushed into things you truly don't want.

The file can be downloaded here: Trig Puppy - Remastered

Trig Bodyslave - Remastered

This hypnosis file makes you body obey the commands of whoever says the trigger which is "body slave time" Once it is said your body will do what they say whether you want it or not, you'll still be able to move/act but their verbal commands will override your mind until they say "body slave time over" The file includes safeties to prevent potential abuse and wears off overnight.  Once triggered you will be totally awake, you just won't have full control of your body until they release you.

The original file can be found here: TrigBodySlave

The new version can be downloaded here: Trig Bodyslave - Remastered

I surrender

This hypnosis file is intended to enslave the listener to EMG, it is a full blown assault on who you are that will only end when you say the words "I surrender" and accept that your mind and body are no longer your own but belong to another.  Not for the faint of heart, this file is intended to break you.

The file can be purchased here: I surrender

7 plus or minus 2 - Remastered

This hypnotic induction works on the principle that you can only keep 7 things in your mind(plus or minus 2). It's a good induction for analytical people and is a re-imagining of the original one I did in 2009.  It's a nice overload induction and has some nice general wellness suggestions after I get you into trance.

The original file can be found here: 7 plus or minus 2

The new version can be downloaded here: 7 plus or minus 2 - Remastered