Tentacle Rape

When triggered with "tentacle rape time", you will see, hear and smell thousands of tentacles coming out from under your bed, they are quick and slimy and, they go into every one of your orifices. They tie up your hands and legs, rub against the middle of your chest, spank your ass, rub your genitals, and hold you in place. Everything about them feels real to you, the texture on them is defined and you can smell them, you can taste them, you can hear the sound of them, you can see every little detail about them while they rape you and cum in all your holes until you are exhausted.

Trig 5 Minute Orgasm

Any time the trigger phrase "5 minute orgasm now" is said, the listener will instantly become extremely aroused, and will orgasm uncontrollably for five minutes straight. Once this has been started, it cannot be stopped until the entire five minutes is up.

Curse Masturbation Penetration

This file would transfer the feeling of masturbation to the mouth and anus. While masturbating with your right hand you would feel a large penis pumping inside your mouth. While masturbating with your left hand the penis would be pumping inside your but. If two hands are used then the sensation would be felt in both orifices. When the listener cums he would feel the cum flow from the virtual penis and taste it too. There would be an uncontrollable urge to masturbate

Curse Fucked by a Dog

This is for males or females. When You hear the Trigger phrase "Doggy Fuck time for you" You will take up a position for the dog to use you, and for the next 15 min you will feel the dog mount you, fuck you, get tied in you as it cums large amounts, and pull the knot out of you painfully. During the time you will fell ashamed for being mounted, but will not move, but after you will fell better for being used. If this is not activated on you once a week, by someone else, when you are in a safe place, this will happen to you automatically. Forcing you to feel like you're being fucked by an animal each and every week until the curse is removed.

Sensitive Pussy

Discover that your pussy is becoming more and more sensitive until any penetration will bring you quickly to orgasm.

Do Anything for Money

Anything is fair game so long as it wont injure you or another or get you in legal trouble. You will be always horny and looking for money and you will be whore yourself out using your body to make money. You can be used for men or woman, gay or straight. You can charge what ever amount you want, and you will always love pleasing others and getting paid for it.

Curse Masturbation Growth

This file causes your dick to grow 1/8th of an inch every time you masturbate. That may not seem like much, but it is and since this is a curse it won't stop until I remove it.

Vacuum Pumped

When this file is done feel a Master putting a vacuum on your cock and balls and expanding them until it is painful. The only way to releive it is to masturbate until you cum.
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Dark Obsession - Rough Sex

Find yourself becoming more and more obsessed with rough, nasty, violent sex that leaves bruises on your body and at the same time feels SO good and gives you such powerful orgasms.
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Voyeuristic Passion

A complete file from beginning to end(it's own unique induction) that creates a burning Voyeuristic desire in your wife/slave such that she needs to watch and masturbate while you have sex with other women.
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Curse Stroke Pumped

Every time you masturbate your desire to build up your muscles increases as does your testosterone. Finally you also become more aroused by working out which leads you to masturbation and back to the gym. Only EMG can break this cycle.

Curse Ecstasy Of Agony

This is for either men or women. Make sure you have plenty of time for this. When triggered you would lay down in bed naked, and then be unable to move. After that you would feel yourself having the best oral sex of your life, and also feel somebody loving on your nipples and also your feel a vibrating butt plug in your ass. Only problem is that you won't be allowed to cum for the first 30 minutes but your arousal and sensitivity will steadily increase, but you just won't be able to get over the edge. When you get to 30 minutes you will orgasm like never before, and after you have come down from your orgasm you will still be at the same level of arousal and sensitivity as you were before your orgasm and you will still feel the oral sex that you were feeling before also. At this point you will have an orgasm every 5 minute for the next 30 minutes, and this is where the agony of the file is, because you will not be allowed a break during the whole hour and your sensitivity will not decrease at all. And you will be required to use this curse at least once every ten days because after the 10th day the curse will lengthen by 5 minutes for everyday you do not use it.

Curse Self Fuck

Whenever you are alone and have an erection, you will feel a penis identical to yours up your rear end. Stroking your penis causes the one inside of you to thrust with each stroke. When you cum, it will also cum. This is a curse and can only be removed by EMG.


The trigger "Milking time for you" will cause the male subject to feel a finger inside the asshole and massaging the prostate until after 5 minutes he will expell the semen without having an orgasm or even get hard.

Curse Itchy Titties

Each time the victim hears “Itchy-Twitchy Titties” the victim’s nipples and aureoles will begin to tingle and itch, as time passes the itch gets worse and worse. The only remedy will be to find someone else and have them scratch the itch for 30 seconds. The victim will feel embarassed at having to ask for help and the embarassment will grow as the itch does. This curse may be invoked as often as desired, however, after tens days have lapsed between invocations, the victim must self invoke. The victim must wait a minimum of six months to have the curse removed. After one year it becomes permanent.

Curse Feminine Itch

WARNING!!! This file CANNOT be removed except by EMG!!! This file is intended for women only. Upon listening to this file your nipples, vagina, and ass will start to itch, the itching will get worse until you have sex with your SO(he gets to choose where). Then it will recur 72 hours later, until the curse is removed. The curse can only be removed after you have had it for 6 months and passed it on to 3 other women.

Instant Sex Slave

This file comes with a trigger that will make you want to have sex with whoever uses it. This urge grows and grows inside you and wont be released until you commit to a sex act of some kind with the person that triggerd you. It doesn't matter what sex they are, or even if you like them or not, this urge is too strong to fight and you will do anything to have sex with that peson. The trigger is "It's Sex Time"


driven to please, willing to do anything even bestiality to please.


creates a burning desire to please and be pleasing to others without the animal aspect.


This file makes the listener love the taste, smell and feel of a woman's pussy. They will take every opportunity to go down on a partner that he/she can.
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