Genital Switch During Masturbation

After listening to this file you would forget it's effects. When you start to masterbate your genitals switch to the opposite genders genitals. Even after you orgasum they're still switched. They stay that way till you masterbate again then they switch back to normal. But you can only masterbate once a day after listening to this file.
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EMGs MasturTrance

File that programs you to become very susceptible to hypnotism and suggestions while masturbating and for 30 minutes after you've masturbated. Your subconscious mind will be happy and accepting of any suggestions, and they will be irresistable and your subconscious mind will never forget them. This is EMG's version, so expect a little evil at the end.

Curse 24/7 toys

This curse file makes you love using sex toys. Not just a little, but 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will discover that you love having them in you when other people are around and that they are something you need constantly.

Curse Strap-On

Imagine your penis removed and replaced with a woman's pussy. Now imagine that your pussy is filled with a strap-on that's as big as your penis was. That's what this file does, and every time you have sex you will feel yourself being penetrated by that strap-on. This curse lasts 6 months and becomes permanent if not removed within 9.

Curse Cum Last

This file curses you to never be able to orgasm until your lover/partner has had one of their own. It will simply become impossible, and that will mean that to orgasm you will have to see to it that they are pleased. Even masturbation won't be possible until after they have cum so beware, this could be a VERY evil little curse.

Curse Cocks

This file doesn't change you sexual preference, but whenever you look at a naked woman(even pictures) you'll see a man's cock. When you lick her pussy or nipples you'll feel like you're licking a cock. When you suck her pussy or nipples you'll feel like you're sucking a cock and when you fuck her you'll feel a dick in your ass. This is a curse and only EMG can remove it.

Trig Blow Yourself

Whenever the trigger word (Blow Yourself) is spoken, listener will immediately become extremely erect, and feel a cock in their mouth, and whatever the listener does to the cock he feels in his mouth, he will feel done to his cock as well. Listener cannot remove his cock from his mouth until he hears "Revert to Normal".
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Curse Masturbation Addict

Listening to this file will result in the Man listening to it becomming more and more addicted to Masturbation until they are doing it every chance they get and it becomes more important than sex.
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Dark Fantasy - Female Alien Implant

Imagine yourself waking in the middle of the night with 2 aliens in your room. You're helpless and unable to move and pretty soon an alien creature enters your body and takes over your libido using it to control you... Listen at your own risk.

Penis And Nipple Growth

This file causes your penis and nipples to grow longer, thicker, and more sensitive and makes it possible to cum from nipple play.
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Curse Forced Submissive Gay Male

This file forces the listener to become a sexually submissive gay male who will do almost anything for anyone that shows the slightest sexual interest in them. And while submitting makes the listener horny, what would matter most is pleasing the person they're with even if that person doesn't reciprocate. The need is so deep that the looks or age of the person making the advances does not matter.

Train Give Head

The listener will experience giving head to a well endowed guy, the detail of the feel and taste right up to giving deep throat and swallowing his cum so realistically that it feels totally real to them even if they have never really done it, and they love every minute of it and be taught that they wish to do this in real life.
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Curse Sensitive

Any sensation or stimulus would cause an erection. A minor brush against it, or the sight of an attractive person, or even no real stimulus at all, would cause an erection that would last indefinately, or until relieved through masturbation. Sex with a partner makes the penis even more sensitive making it almost impossible to hold back an orgasm once any contact is made with a partner.
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This file can be purchased singly or as part of the Chastity Series. When triggered with "Masturbation Torture Time" you will have to remain completely unaroused or experience excruciatingly painful tortures to your nipples, ass, and cock or pussy. None of which can be endured for long. You will remain this way until untriggered by the same person saying "Masturbation Torture Time is over".


When the trigger phrase "get fucked now" is said, this causes the listener to feel as though he or she is being banged in every hole. The sensation will last for an hour for each time the trigger phrase is said, or until the listener hears "revert to normal". The file is self triggerable, but as the listener will be sucking on cock after the phrase has been spoken, it might be difficult to speak the release phrase.

Tentacle Rape

When triggered with "tentacle rape time", you will see, hear and smell thousands of tentacles coming out from under your bed, they are quick and slimy and, they go into every one of your orifices. They tie up your hands and legs, rub against the middle of your chest, spank your ass, rub your genitals, and hold you in place. Everything about them feels real to you, the texture on them is defined and you can smell them, you can taste them, you can hear the sound of them, you can see every little detail about them while they rape you and cum in all your holes until you are exhausted.

Trig 5 Minute Orgasm

Any time the trigger phrase "5 minute orgasm now" is said, the listener will instantly become extremely aroused, and will orgasm uncontrollably for five minutes straight. Once this has been started, it cannot be stopped until the entire five minutes is up.

Curse Masturbation Penetration

This file would transfer the feeling of masturbation to the mouth and anus. While masturbating with your right hand you would feel a large penis pumping inside your mouth. While masturbating with your left hand the penis would be pumping inside your but. If two hands are used then the sensation would be felt in both orifices. When the listener cums he would feel the cum flow from the virtual penis and taste it too. There would be an uncontrollable urge to masturbate

Curse Fucked by a Dog

This is for males or females. When You hear the Trigger phrase "Doggy Fuck time for you" You will take up a position for the dog to use you, and for the next 15 min you will feel the dog mount you, fuck you, get tied in you as it cums large amounts, and pull the knot out of you painfully. During the time you will fell ashamed for being mounted, but will not move, but after you will fell better for being used. If this is not activated on you once a week, by someone else, when you are in a safe place, this will happen to you automatically. Forcing you to feel like you're being fucked by an animal each and every week until the curse is removed.

Sensitive Pussy

Discover that your pussy is becoming more and more sensitive until any penetration will bring you quickly to orgasm.
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