Screaming Orgasms

Simple but fun file idea: It makes you unable to keep quiet during sexual stimulation, especially when you have an orgasm. You will moan excessively and when you cum you will scream from pleasure. Even being aroused by things you see will make you moan softly.
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Love Potion

Choose a bottle of liquid and listen to this file. Afterwards, any time you drink ANY of the liquid you will instantly find yourself head over heels in love with the next person you see and you\'ll stay that way until the next time you wake up.

WMM Video Audition

This file is only intended for people wishing to audition to be on WMM\'s Video site. It will give you some basic instructions and have you record a video to send to us as your audition tape. The file is NOT PG so only listen if you\'re interested in appearing in adult videos. The file provides you with all the instructions you will need to complete your audition.

Curse Pavlov

Remember those experiments Pavlov did making animals do things when a bell rang. Well, this file is like an evil version of that. Every time a bell rings or an alarm goes off you\'ll find yourself aroused. The more it happens, the more aroused you get. Be forewarned, this IS a curse and only EMG can remove it.

Curse Orgasm A Day

For men and women. This file would implant a suggestion where if a person hasn\'t had an orgasm in 24 hours, that person would start feel an itching in his or her genitals, ass, and nipples (similar to the curse feminine itch file) and the only way to stop the itching is to have an orgasm, either through sex or masturbation. If you have a partner you must ask permission to masturbate.
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Masturbating Cocksucker

Whenever the listener masturbates, their thoughts will drift to sucking cock. These thoughts will become increasingly arousing to the listener and they will want to try sucking cock.They will also want to masturbate as often as possible because \nit feels so good to think about sucking cock. Over time the listener will begin thinking \nof themself as a cocksucker and it will become a part of their identity.

Bend Over

When triggered with \"bend over now\" you will assume a good position to be vaginally or anally penetrated from behind as in sexual activity. Then you will be lubed, penetrated and fucked hard, you will move and \'pump\' back for full deep action, even if you \'really\' don\'t want to. You have to use you hands to hold on to something and can not touch yourself at all. This will continue until untriggered with \"revert to normal\".

Trig Entrancing Masturbation

This file implants a trigger, \"entrancing masturbation time,\" in the person\'s mind that can be activated by either the subject or someone else, and this trigger causes the subject to begin having sexual fantasies and masturbate to them. However, the subject will become hypnotized by his or her sexual fantasies, causing their conscious mind to become completely absorbed in the sex fantasy and leaving their subconscious mind wide open to suggestion. If they orgasm while suggestions are still being given, his or her mind will become enshrouded in orgasmic bliss, leaving him or her even more susceptible than before, maybe even continuing to masturbate despite his or her climax. This effect lasts for up to one hour or until the hypnotist is done giving suggestions.

Never Fully Flaccid

This file is for men and makes it so that the listener\'s dick never goes fully soft. Beginning after the next time you get an erection, your dick will stay nice and plump afterward. A decent amount of blood will always stay in your dick, not enough that you\'re always hard, but just enough that there will always be a nice bulge in your pants. It will feel good to listen and stroke to this file often to reinforce the subconscious regulation of blood-flow to your dick.

Curse Have To Cum

This file curses the listener so that once you become aroused, you stay that way until you orgasm. No exceptions.

Curse CCP Ball Buster

This file causes you to have Continuous Cum Production as well as larger and heavier balls. It also encourages the listener to Bust their balls, hitting and otherwise hurting them with the resulting pain increasing both their size and cum production.

EMG - Orgasm Experiment

This file is completely experimental. There is no traditional induction, but the goal is to get into your head and make it so you cannot orgasm for one week. It\'s wicked tjat way. All that I ask is that you leave comments or feedback, I\'d like to hear whether you like it, and how well it works.
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Addictive Breast Play

This file is for men or women and works in stages as it addicts you to playing with your own nipples, then breasts. You start with an growing addiction to playing with your nipples. Then it grows to your breasts, then you get sensitive enough to orgasm from playing with them and have to to get any relief. It\\\'s an insidious little curse. Enjoy!

Curse Succubus

This file would make you imagine a demon like person who is the sexiest you can imagine who will rape you in all your dreams, they will addear to any fetishes you may have. You will orgasm several times in each dreamand awaken sexually exhausted. The curse last for 6 months and the removal file will make it so the succubus comes back one final time and tortures you relentlessly, you feel the worst pain imaginable, does not appeal to you sexually either, completly horrifies and shocks you in the worse ways imaginable.

Curse Perverted Dreams

This file will fill your nights with dreams of the most perverted and nastiest sex you can imagine.

Curse Forced Bisexual

This is intended for men or woman, and would force you to be completely Bisexual, attracted to women and men equally. It will make it so theyhe would become aroused by women and men whether it humiliates them or not. They will want men\'s cocks and women’s pussys. Overtime this file would make the user more comfortable with either sex, and will encourage them to explore their sexuality more. (Hey, if there is one for straight and one for gay, why not make one for Bisexuals as well)

Curse No Self Pleasuring

This is a curse file that makes receiving sexual pleasure just like tickling - Its something you cannot do to yourself. All you will feel when touching yourself is just the tactile sense of touching yourself with no pleasure, however experiencing the touch of another will become more intense than ever before.

EMGs Learning Fetish

After listening, the listener would develop a sexual urge to study hard about something they\\\'d like to know, like a language, a programming language, etc. Sexual arousal will be linked to learning, and more gratification will be received from learning than from sex/masturbation, but if the listener studies hard enough, they\\\'ll be able to take breaks to relieve themselves, and reach an overwhelming orgasm. And with every orgasm, the listener\\\'s mental capacities will increase. (Though, when around other people, visible signs of arousal will be minimal, but when the listener gets alone...) Past sexual desires will be blended with intelligence; as a side effect of sorts, intelligent sex partners will be highly preferred, and the listener may have to find more and more sites to study, books to read, and subjects to learn about.
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24 Hours - Gay

Imagine listening to a file and when you wake up you find yourself trapped in your own body, looking out through your own eyes but unable to control yourself, unable to move even a single muscle while another part of you takes over. Now imagine that the part of you that woke up is attracted to people of the same sex. Listen to this file and spend the next 24 hours living like that.

Real Porn

Whenever you look at porn you instantly experience everything which is happening in the picture or movie. If there is more than one person then you would choose which one you would want to experience, you will feel like you are really there smell everything you would expect, seat etc, Feel anything they would feel, feel as though they are that person, it would go into first person but you would still be aware of the third person video unless it\'s already in first person. This would happen with any porn or any video or picture the user would deem to be sexually enticing. If you REALLY, REALLY do not want to experience that certain porn at that time then you won\'t and they\'ll be no consequences of not experiencing it. The user would only orgasm when their character orgasms and other things like that and experience any emotion the character seems to experience.
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