When you trigger yourself with 'New Partner Time' during sex{foreplay counts} you will be able to transform your partner into any sexual partner you choose and they will stay that way until sex is over. The trigger can simply be thought. [self trigerable]


sexual preference change - prefer men


Feel yourself compelled to post a picture of your cock on the image gallery after you listen to this file


Feel yourself compelled to post a picture of yourself naked every time you listen to this file.


When triggered with "Sexy Man Time for you" you will believe and see yourself as the sexiest man including his perfect body and face and self confidence etc. "Revert to normal" returns you to normal and you will remember everything. [self trigerable]


Triggered by the phrase, "Itchy Time for you." This file causes genital itching like the curseItchyTwitchy when triggered and the only way to stop the itch it to have sex with your spouse/SO. Masturbation and thinking about sex with women other than the spouse/SO will also trigger this file.

Curse Punishment

When you trigger this file with "Punishment time for me" (it is only self-trigerable), you will be stripped naked and given 25 blows from a whip by a punishment Master. The curse lasts a year and if you skip a day 25 blows are added for each day you missed. After the punishment you remain bound for 30 minutes and cannot cum for 6 hours.

Curse Milky

This file will cause you to lactate, making you need it and crave it. It is a curse and you will have to pay to remove it.


sexual preference change - completely bisexual


This file is mostly for my amusement because, well, I'm a guy. Listening to this file will make the listener send me a pic of their tits as well as causing them to flash their tits every time they hear "Show me your Tits" That's it.


Causes the listener to have erotic dreams and remember them the night after they listen to the file.


Triggers a feeling of arousal that grows every time you hear "Get Hot Now"


sexual preference change - prefer women
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This file is NOT for the faint of heart, and is intended towards women[a male version will be made soon]. The listener/victim will experience themselves being abducted and forcibly raped/used by several men.

Obey And Relax

An experimental file that requires you listen with headphones(or at least good left and right speakers) All it does is make you obey and relax and have a nice orgasm at the end of the file. Feedback would definitely be appreciated.
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Wife Trainer - Slut - Silent Subliminal

Has your wife or girlfriend become frigid, has she lost interest in sex? Do you just not see that same old flame or spark that you used to?

This file re-awakens it, relaxing her deeply it implants a need to dress and behave as a slut so that she can keep her man loyal and faithful.

This silent subliminal can be played anytime and anywhere and she\'ll never know what\'s happening.

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Sith Rape

Imagine yourself alone on Alderan when a Sith lord takes an interest in you and decides to take your body for his pleasure. A very special and twisted May the 4th file.


One of a series of files that allow the listener to be triggered via Twitter. The trigger is #WMMSOHOT sent from @WarpMyMind1 and when EMG sends that you will feel instantly aroused for a few minutes. This file will only work if you are somewhere safe.


One of a series of files that allow the listener to be triggered via Twitter. The trigger is #WMMPLEASURE sent from @WarpMyMind1 and when EMG sends that you will feel a wave of pleasure roll across your body. This file will only work if you are somewhere safe.

Chronically Productive

After listening to this file, the listener will gradually become more and more of a chronic masturbator, more and more entranced by their fantasies. The only catch is, they can\'t get off unless they do something productive with their time, or something they\'ve been putting off. Their arousal will push them to be productive, their fantasies and kinks mentally blending with productivity, and upon completing a good amount of productivity, they earn their orgasm. Repeated listening will make the listener gradually desensitized to small tasks, having to move on to more and more productive and time-worthy tasks in order to get off - sometimes taking an entire day of productivity.\n
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